OPEN smart charging

Mallorcas charging brand OPEN stands for 'charging as a joyful break. In connection with measures of entertainment by kiosk, news and advertising measures via flatscreens it puts the customer and his needs in the context of his waiting time in the center. 

Connected kiosks and location partners are part of the concept. Mega charging parks at busy locations are supplemented by charging parks and selected charging points at partners such as car rental agencies, hotels, golf courses, restaurants and stores.

The brand colors of open and eMallorca stand for sun, delivering the solar energy for sustainable charging,  and beaches with bright sand and coral blue water, as well as the sea. And the relaxed and healthy mediterrean lifestyle.

The carports' own supporting architecture, which is based on and developed from Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, ensures a high level of recognition in the color scheme of our corporate identity.

OPEN smart charging as brand stands for:

• a fresh, smart, modern charging offer

• Openly accessible, for everyone, without access barriers such as chips, apps, etc.

• Highest availability through excellent maintenance as well as customer service

• Performance, offering the largest fast charging network for smart clients, at a fair price

• 100% renewable, 100% transparent, 100% reliable

The offer is aimed at tourists and locals and stands out due to barrier-free access via mobile payment, transparent pricing and a sustainable, customer-oriented overall concept. The use of proprietary IP and batteries enables fast charging with maximum use of solar energy and protects the power grid.


OPEN also stands for OPEN smart charging GmbH, which is the eMallorcas holding company responsible for financing and expanding the business model to other tourist locations.